About Us

All about Clivea

Clivea, a brand that defines aesthetics and promises of authenticity, offers you jewellery that sets the tone right for all your events. We bring to you the best of handcrafted accessories to enhance your look on any given day. Be it a party, an interview, a formal meeting, or a date- pick any of these ethnic pieces of jewellery to grab the eyeballs in a room. We believe, women must never compromise with their consent, wishes, wants, and jewellery! One right piece of that perfect earrings or necklace or a bracelet, might give you an edge over any other look you try on rest of the days. Women deserve nothing except the best of everything in life. Clivea promises to bring that best of jewellery and accessories and bags in women’s life.

We not only specialize in ornaments

But also in other interesting accessories for women, including colourful, attractive, and spacious hand bags/purses that can go with just about any outfit and make your life easier. Who doesn’t understand the ease and relief when you have just the right bag with all the space, pockets, and funk?Clivea curates the best products for you to look better, carry yourself with comfort, and feel the best about yourself. Does it not hurt when women are constantly put down or made to feel insecure about themselves? Kick it all away with best pair of accessories, confidence, and love, handcrafted with care by Clivea.